We will now consider


through which we will see both the vibrational affinity and the factor of moral defects in these different cases.


This cause is a direct result of the Law of Affinity, according to which we attract the company of others, both incarnated (spirit when in a physical body, i.e., people) and disincarnated (spirit without body shell, these are people after death), whose ideas and inclinations are similar to our own. For example, a person who thinks and acts due to weaknesses such as pride, envy, greed, hatred, etc., as well as one who engages in unhealthy behavior such as alcohol, drug, even food abuse, indiscriminate and / or violent sexual activity, deliberate abuse of other people, etc., will attract according to the natural law, spiritual companions of a similar nature, who take pleasure in watching the actions of such an individual, and who even „feed“ on the energy that such a person radiates.

Furthermore, when the development of such lower feelings and behaviors becomes a habit, then that person steadily maintains the same vibrational frequency as their confused lower spiritual companions, who are thus able to intertwine in a strong mental and energetic connection with them.

From there begins the toxic influence, through which the obsessive spirit takes advantage of the negative tendencies of the person and encourages in them even more of the same, which only leads to even greater emotional and spiritual imbalance in the victim. In addition, it’s becoming difficult for this person, once they had created such a strong union, to put an end to their unhealthy habits, even when they so desire.

In another example, we can see how the vibrational frequency of an individual can even lead to such a „parasitic“ relationship with an unhappy spirit that can even unintentionally and / or unconsciously affect an incarnated spirit. We have all heard the phrase „Unhappiness loves company“ (or the Bulgarian version – An evil never comes alone).
A person who is mentally fixated on pessimistic ideas or other self-destructive thoughts and feelings of all kinds may also attract an unhappy spirit to share their feelings and that spirit becomes „attached“ to them as a magnet, and as we said in the first example, it will only exacerbate a person’s emotional torment.


As an act of REVENGE

Spiritism teaches us that our suffering is a direct result of our own mistakes and the misuse of our free will, and that if the cause of our suffering does not stem from events in the present life, it inevitably has its roots in a previous existence.


See the short brazilian film SOZINHO – „ARE YOU ALONE?“ (English subtitles available) an example of an obsession whose cause is in a past life:


PART II The atmosphere in the Bar

Part III The action of Prayer

Part IV – The Past Life that led to current obsession

Part V – Spiritual Treatement of obsession

Part VI – THE REINCARNATION – correcting the past

Obsession as a result of past causes represents our personal moral duty, the consequences of which have befallen us. Please note that one state of suffering is never equivalent to or unconditionally indicative of an obsession; yet it is a form of suffering that may be the result of our past actions.
An example of such a cause and a very prevalent form of spiritual possession is found in the vengeful actions of our disincarnated enemies

„Obsession is almost always an expression of a revenge sought by a spirit, often rooted in the relationship in which the obsessed victim had with the obsessor in a previous existence.“
Allan Kardec

The spirits that incarnate on planet Earth are still very far from their evolutionary goal and are morally and intellectually imperfect; when someone hurts us in some way, we are often driven by our lower tendencies to seek revenge. Then, by showing ignorance or simply by ignoring the moral rules of our religions, which can show us a better way, we want the one who made harm to us, to suffer exactly the same manner.

When we leave for the spiritual level, at the death of our physical body, we do not abandon such negative tendencies just because we have left our physical body behind. We carry with us all the feelings we have developed on Earth, both good and bad, as we retain our individuality. Therefore, when we do not reconcile with our enemies before our „death,“ we carry our feelings of hatred and desire for revenge with us and continue to work on them, even from the spiritual level.

When the individual, the object of our desires for revenge, remains or returns to the material world (in a new reincarnation), thus begins the process of obsession caused by revenge.

This kind of obsessor is so overwhelmed by the pain of their suffering and the desire to take justice into their own hands that they develop a total mental fixation where the time for them stops and they are blinded to anything but the tormenting situation. And so they begin to pursue their enemy. Once a victim in the past, they now become the criminal of the day and seek to bring down in the lower energies the one they consider responsible for their suffering – the victim of obsession.

For this reason, we say that: The obsessed individuals live the consequences of their own actions.

The memory of the incarnated individual is temporarily clouded by the influence of their material existence and they are unaware of any such motivation to hurt them on the part of anyone.

Many people are still ignorant of the spiritual life and even of the very possibility of such an action on them by someone they cannot see. However, their spirit retains this memory and as such conveys the continuing feelings of disdain that originally led them to the actions that caused this situation, or the guilt of performing those actions. The creditor and their debtor often meet in the spiritual realm, when the spirit of the incarnated individual is partially released while the body is asleep, and this confrontation helps to keep such feelings fresh. In the hours of awakening, the malicious feelings, even on a subconscious level, prepare the stage for a psychic connection between the spirit and the incarnated individual. Then, if the incarnated person fails to be vigilant and to observe their thoughts and actions, and thus succumbs to lower inclinations, they will subsequently lower their vibrational frequency and weaken their own spiritual defenses, opening the door for their pursuer to take action.

Here, too, we must emphasize that a spirit seeking revenge against a person may also take action against members of that person’s family or someone else who is close to them and who is more sensitive to the influence of the spirit. By making this person suffer, the spirit manages to find a way to make his main target suffer in the same way. This is why we must pray for our enemies, even if we don’t think that someone may have something against us.

In search of an old accomplice

The second way in which a reason from the past becomes a present motive for obsession is when the victim of obsession in the present life represents to the obsessive spirit an accomplice in crimes committed together during a previous common earthly existence. Such an obsessor is now looking for this individual, „their partner in crime“, whom they don’t want to lose, and they are trying to do everything possible to keep this person in their trajectory / path and keep alive the immoral behavior they shared in their unscrupulous past.
Once again, the subconscious guilt of the incarnated individual, combined with an unfortunate lack of self-observation, opens the individual’s susceptibility to the persistent thought waves emitted by their pursuer, thus allowing the process of obsession to begin.

There may have even passed a few reincarnations since the incarnated spirit made a choice to follow the path of good, and yet to be undergoing a test of this kind in their current incarnation – i.e., to be attacked by old comrades from their darker past. This happens when the incarnated spirit still does not have accumulated a spiritual reserve of merits (gained from good deeds and service in the good) that could otherwise provide them with spiritual protection during their earthly incarnation. That is why there is a deeper meaning in doing good – in practice, in our lives – it is never lost and it is an investment that always helps at the end our own Spirit, not just in the present reincarnation.


Here we mean the more ostensive / manifesting mediumship that certain people may possess without having yet developed or used it, perhaps out of ignorance of its existence or possible fear. It is also likely that this person does not appreciate the fact that such an ability is a way to correct old mistakes and help others in need.
Spiritism can support such people in the following ways:

1 – to help them to recognize the signs that show that a psychic ability is available.
2 – to give them the training through which to understand the mediumship and not be afraid of it;
3 – to teach them what is the divine purpose of their ability to communicate with the spiritual world.
4 – to warn them about the consequences of pride and other types of lower behavior, especially given their increased sensitivity to external influences.

The truth is that undeveloped mediumship as a cause of obsession is not a real motive for a lower spirit to target an individual with toxic thoughts and energies. Rather, it is a much greater vulnerability, as such people are much more sensitive to the actions of ignorant or malicious spirits. And if there is also a spirit that is seriously dissatisfied with them, they are even more susceptible to the process of obsession.
However, this individual, like everyone else, is not defenseless. If they keep their thoughts elevated, if they devote regular time to study, reflection and prayer, and they treats others with kindness and compassion, then they will maintain a high vibrational level, which will serve as their strongest defense against negative influences, and which will also attract the company of good spirits who will help them by protecting them and leading them in the right direction.

It should be noted here that once the obsession overwhelms the person and they seek help, for example, in a Spiritist Center, where their mediumship can be recognized, then at this point it is not appropriate for them to develop their ability. It is necessary for a person to first undergo a treatment of obsession WHILE AT THE SAME TIME working to improve the morale and vibrational quality of their thoughts and behavior. They must strive to restore their moral and spiritual balance, to study the moral and philosophical lessons of Spiritism and to participate in the Spiritist Center, to learn about the phenomenon and to exercise mediumship before beginning to apply their ability for the benefit of others. Patience, perseverance and faith are all that they need to follow their path to recovery / rehabilitation and, ultimately, to a satisfying work.


As Rigonati writes: „A badly used mediumship can lead to a severe obsession. Mediums who does not know how to complete their task, or does so out of self-interest, they are abandoned by the Good Spirits and become prisoners of criminal spirits who will never leave them alone.“

This cause is a combination of the Law of Moral Affinity together with an increased sensitivity to spiritual influences inherent in the mediumistic ability.

In The Gospel According to Spiritism, Allan Kardec writes:
“Mediums who follow a wrong path do more harm than good to the Spiritist cause, and as consequence more than one person will experience a slowdown in their progress because of the unfortunate impressions that some mediums leave in humans. Therefore, those who are endowed with this gift will have to give account for the way they use it, because they received it only for the purpose of doing good to their fellow human beings.

Mediums who want to be helped by Good Spirits must work to improve themselves. Those who want their gift to be further developed and enriched must enrich themselves morally and refuse to do things that would divert their mediumship from its providential purpose.

If Good Spirits sometimes use morally imperfect mediums, it is in order to give them good advice and thus lead them on the path of good. However, if the spirits meet some petrified hearts and if their advice is ignored, they will leave and the terrain will be open for the entry of any malicious spirits!

All truth-serving mediums must have one common goal:

To respect and value the trust of the Good Spirits and to close the doors to frivolous spirits. Without this dedication, mediumship becomes an empty gift and can even be harmful to the person who possesses it, as it can degenerate into a spiritual disorder.

Another issue with this type of obsession is that all too often mediums who use their ability to pursue noble goals such as spreading love, compassion and truth are targeted by malicious spirits who may have nothing against them personally, but rather despise the good intentions of the medium and their efforts to bring peace and happiness to others, as well as the spiritual progress that the medium itself will thus achieve.

The mediums must be vigilant about such spirits and always be alert of their thoughts and behavior, careful not to become proud or overconfident, because the latter is a sign of insufficient vigilance, exactly what the deceptive spirit seeks. Such pride is a weakness that will allow the spirit to deceive and betray the medium, with the ultimate intention of diverting them from their path and to put an end to their good deeds.

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