Two playlists we want present to the English-speaking audience – for those people who don’t understand Portuguese language and yet wish to get closer to the love and wisdom those two incredible mediums spread over the world.

Spiritist Medium Chico Xavier videos with english subtitles

Spiritist Medium Divaldo Franco videos with english subtitles

I am Pavlina Nikolova past life regression therapist using QHHT method (by Dolores Cannon) and discovered Spiritism 9 years ago. From then on studying that helps me understand in depth the process of reincarnation and past lives, it has contributed to my work immensely. This teaching of Spiritism is and will be the major thing I will always recommend to my clients for it is something they can benefit allot to understand their life and how to live in way to progress spiritually and evolve towards perfection and happiness.

Important is not look at those excellent mediums Divaldo Franco and Chico Xavier as if they are some marvelous colorful birds we observe with curiosity but to ask ourselves what did they believe in, and why, what books they studied and why… and we will discover Christian Spiritism codified in 19th century by Allan Kardec, same teachings this website is dedicated to.
I strongly recommend you research all books by Allan Kardek starting with he Spirits Book, Gospel according to Spiritism, Heaven and Hell… then see what is available by Chico Xavier, he has so many good books on various topics – Astral City, The messengers, Jesus in the Home, Action and Reaction, The Messengers of Light, On the Way to the Light, Workers of the life eternal and many more available on Amazon or free pdfs (but I do reccomend the original books because of the better translation).

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